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Policies and Procedures

How to Classify a Student Payment

Information and forms are also available at the Student Employment and Payroll Offices.
First Job at Bryn Mawr

W4 Form (IRS Website) (return to Payroll Office)

I-9 Form

REV-419 (To be completed by NJ residents only)

NJ W4 (To be completed by NJ residents only)

Local Earned Income Tax Residency Form (return to Payroll Office)

Local Services Tax Exemption - LST (Use your BMC address including your dorm name and room number)

Bryn Mawr College Letter

Retirement Plan Eligibility Notice

Direct Deposit Form - Please stop by Payroll or HR to fill out your direct deposit form.

Pay Information

Pay Rates

Time Sheets and Pay Schedule can be found on the Payroll's website

Submitting Time

Time Conversion Chart (convert partial hours to decimal format)

Timesheet For instructions on how to fill out the student time sheet, go to link.