Summer 2016 Pay Rates

Level I - SUMMER: $9.75/hr.

Level II - SUMMER: $10.25/hr.

Level III - SUMMER: $10.50/hr.

Level IV - SUMMER: $10.75/hr

Academic Year 2016/2017 Pay Rates

Level I - AY16/17: Fall $9.50/hr.

Level II - AY16/17: Fall $10.00/hr

Level III - AY16/17: Fall $10.25/hr.

Level IV - AY16/17: Fall: $10.50/hr.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistants: $10.90


Job Level Descriptions

Level I: Must remain at work site during hours of employment for purposes of information or security. Routine tasks which require some training, little or no experience.

Level II: Requires some technical skill or particular experience or qualifications. May require strenuous physical labor and sound judgment.

Level III: Requires considerable knowledge of subject matter or experience, or may require strenuous physical labor.

Level IV: Requires high level of expertise. May require the ability to complete complex or highly technical tasks.

These are general job descriptions. Please contact your supervisor for a more detailed job description. Some departments have pre-approved, department specific job descriptions and pay rates. Pre-approved pay rates take precedence over the rates listed above.