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810 General Worker
Job ID 507
Job Type On-Campus Jobs
Employer Dining Services
Date Posted Sep 14, 2021
Category Food Service
Job Description ERDMAN DINING HALL WORKER FALL 2021 WE NEED YOU! (picture a mustachioed, white-coated, but stern-looking, chef rudely pointing right at you) Jobs you'll learn- Checking at the register - allow students to enter Dining Hall or perhaps don't (yes you can make that mean students from English class go and get their OneCard). Bonus- you get to know how OneCards and meal plans really work! Sanitation of Dining Hall and Servery - complete understanding procedure of using cleaning chemicals (it's science!) to be used how to properly use them. Sanitation is important, salmonella is lurking and we take the aggressive eradication of pathogens VERY seriously. Stocking and re-stocking foods- learn what FIFO means (no don't google it!), safe food handling using utensils and not bare hands. Food Preparation - we slice, we dice! Sometimes we apply heat judiciously to make it even better.! Plus you'll be glad you learned when you're in Grad School and their food is not as good as ours! Understand our labels for the recipes we're serving and how to answer a guest if they are to ask questions about an item. We identify the Top Nine Food Allergens (or as we label them BIg 8+1) in the US, know what they are and how we safeguard what's is in our food!
Job Requirements Student Workers are trained to work in ALL the areas of Erdman so they will be able to have an understanding of how the operation works and to be able to locate anything for the needs of the guests. Physical - stand, walk, bend, lift! Stand while bending! Walk while lifting! Things you'll probably do: POS Checking, prepping fresh ingredients, restocking sundry items, serving correctly portioned hot food (yes, we do nutrition!). Dancing (safely) is not required but often encouraged! Cleaning service area, sweeping, and mopping. Cleaning tables and chairs. There is quite a lot of cleaning...sanitation & whatnot are a big part of food service!
Available Openings 8
Hours 5.0 to 12.5 hours per week
Hourly Rate $10.40/hour
Time Frame Academic Year
Contact Name Richard James Clow
Contact Email
Work Location Erdman Dining Hall
Phone 610 526 7429
Fax N/A

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