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Choose the Quick or Advanced Search tab based on the type of search you want to run. If your school uses funding sources, your funding source selection(s) will filter results in either type of search. To change your funding source selection, click Update Funding Source Choices.

Quick Search
Click one of the Quick Search links to run a pre-defined job search. The student employment coordinator has established these frequently run searches to help you find jobs quickly.

Advanced Search
Advanced Search allows you to find jobs by selecting a combination of search criteria.

To use Advanced Search, first select the job type using the radio buttons at the top of the search form. You may only search one job type at a time.

Narrow your search by defining as many or as few criteria as you want. Click the [ + ] sign next to a criterion branch to expand your options, then follow the instructions to choose specific items within that criterion. Your choices are not cleared by collapsing a branch of the search. Your choices will be preserved and used in the search.

Once you have defined your criteria, click the Search! button. If you are not getting any search results, check the Data Bank at the bottom of the search screen to confirm the number of available jobs. If there are a sufficient number of jobs within the job type you are searching, try making your search broader.

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