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For: 838 Peer Mentor

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Please complete the application below, then click the "Submit" button to apply for this job. A red asterisk will appear next to fields that are required but have not been entered.

Review this application carefully before you submit it. You will not have an opportunity to revise your answers once they are submitted.

1. First Name

2. Middle Name

3. Last Name

4. E-mail Address

5. Student ID

6. Do you have student employment as part of your Bryn Mawr aid package?

7. If you have completed Calculus I, Calculus II, or a Statistics course in any department at Bryn Mawr, please list the courses here:

8. Which additional courses have you taken at Bryn Mawr that required any type of quantitative reasoning?

9. Which quantitative topics do you enjoy the most?

10. Please provide information about any previous teaching or mentoring jobs that you have held.

11. Please describe any experience that you have had with alternative educational approaches.

12. Please reflect on your experience with collaborative learning.

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