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955 Research Assistant
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Job ID 1781
Job Type On-Campus Jobs
Employer Social Work
Date Posted Oct 01, 2013
Category Research
Job Description The Research Assistant (RA) will support Dr. Cindy Sousa as the Principal Investigator in research (both qualitative and quantitative) on political and family violence, health, and resilience, both in general populations and specifically among Palestinian women. Activities include conducting subject matter literature reviews, analyzing research data (both qualitative and quantitative), using programs such as SPSS, MPlus, and Atlas Ti, and participating in the writing of research findings for publication. Pay is $11.50-12.50/hr. DOE. The tasks and hours will vary based on my schedule.
Job Requirements Candidate must be a graduate student. Candidate must be able to demonstrate competence in conducting quantitative and qualitative research projects, as evidenced by the ability to discuss aspects or steps in a research process in which they found particular satisfaction. Knowledge of or interest in violence and resilience, international health and mixed methods research is strongly encouraged in a candidate. Candidate must be comfortable with computers and utilizing the latest software analysis packages, as evidenced by the ability to specify which software and/or analysis package(s) with which they are most comfortable (i.e., Excel, word, SPSS, and/or qualitative programs). Candidate MUST be detailed in their approach to work, have proficiency in managing multiple tasks at once, be comfortable working in a non-linear environment, and able to provide examples of approach to project implementation. Candidate must have proven competence in conducting literature reviews, accessing and searching databases, and enjoy writing utilizing APA format. Candidate must be a self-starter, interested in the project topic, professionally mature, and should have an interest in and demonstrated ability to complete, in a timely manner, publishable articles about the research topic.
Available Openings 3
Hours 5.0 to 15.0 hours per week
Time Frame Academic Year
Primary Contact Cindy Alyson Sousa
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Work Location Bryn Mawr College GSSWSR